UniversalVolume is a network of people, creativity, ideas, thinking, and social networks that work together around the world. We also have a site and program to teach meditation to adults and children (meditation enhances focus and creativity).

Many of our sites have common features. This main site is meant to be many things. One this this site does is give people a social network where they can follow people, share and compliment each other, and in their profiles they can create web blogs that are like web pages for their needs. It is easier than many other networks. People can design rich blogs that are like webpages in a simple, clean design.

We also have rich content in the menu that includes personal social networks, networks for entertainment, history, comedy, government, and free thought. We also have a site about a phrase our founder like using called “Freedom of Network”. Freedom of network is a form of human rights, and we need it in our era.

On UniversalVolume, users connect by following and chatting. On other sites in our networks we have friend connections, but UniversalVolume is a public, universal site in our network.

Feel free to browse the menu to see our sites and what we are doing. We are also built on an open source platform, and promise to share revenue with members (you can read more about that in the tab menu page about founding members).

Below are some of the features of our sites (some sites have some things that are not on this list, and some sites have things on the list that are removed to help users):

  • Share photos, upload videos, link to other things like other networks. And users can post videos and photos in comments (not like other networks).
  • Users get to draw or write together on a shared white screen in our chat (at the same time they are chatting or doing a video call or live broadcast). You can write by hand too in our chat.
  • You can share video and photos in our chat or use your social profile activity stream. You can also blog from your profile if you want.
  • You can also store things in private mode just for you. Parents can make profiles for their children using their email, so they can start when they are littler, and then give the profile to their child as they are older.
  • LifelongVolume also teaches meditation at a website called MeditationChat.com in our menu. It has a wave sound that speeds up and slows down depending on the user’s heart speed. It is helpful to practice and teach mindfulness (especially to kids, because they can do it with other things like movies or games at the same time).
  • Our profiles are easier than other sites. We are part of a full vision that has a global education tool, global voting social networks, and other things being built. You can read more about that in the menu.
  • We also are connected with ComedyVolume, Satirizers.com and The Daily Lampoon, because comedy needs it’s own network. We have other networks for entertainment and areas of life.
  • All our networks feed into each other in helpful ways. We also have a school and education tool called SchoolVolume. It is for people to use as a social network where they can connect, share information, use online learning, and store school resources for everyone to share around the world.
  • On LifelongVolume.com and our other networks users can follow like Twitter without being friends.
  • Members set their privacy levels with posts and updates.
  • Users can be friends and follow people at the same time like Instagram and Facebook.
  • Users can connect with new people near them, and people can send compliments or ratings for public posts and businesses. You can see popular posts and posts by you to make new connections.
  • Users can have friends and profiles like Facebook and MySpace. Our profiles are simpler than other networks.
  • Members can talk one on one, and create groups in the chat and in their social profiles.
  • Users can blog from their social profile by publishing blog articles in their profile. The blog articles are found in search engines. People can connect around new topics this way.
  • Users can see who visited their profile.
  • Users can see the number of “like” amounts on posts, and we don’t limit what you see from your connections.
  • People can do photo, video, and audio comments (different than other networks). These comments help conversations run deeper.
  • Comments have layers inside of layers, for deeper commenting than other networks.
  • Your stream will not have posts that are hard to tell apart from ad posts. Ads in other networks is meant to look like content from people you know. Why aren’t we doing this? We don’t need to. And, because promoted posts that look like regular posts from other people you know are like being in a personal phone call with advertisers listening and interrupting.
  • We are professionally moderated by an artist and school counselor (www.minnesotabiofeedback.com), who leads our development. Users can also be moderators and flag things like Craigslist and other sites to protect the community.
  • We are a part of a platform with a lot of great sites that are part of a greater purpose and future. Our revenue comes from high commissions on things people need. You can learn more at the “About” page. We are a site built on open source technology (i.e. WordPress) used by major news magazines, schools like The University of Michigan and Harvard, and we can be creative for a long time without having to rush to pay large investors. We can focus your experience of the web, do it while helping people, countries, and offering free tools and funding to schools.

Thanks, Peter Meilahn, Founder, UniversalVolume.com, LifelongVolume.com, SchoolVolume.com, HistoryVolume.com, KnowledgeVolume.com and others in development (for users to share for global development).